TK Reefer Services Sdn Bhd is a company that specialized in reefer machinery repairs and maintenance, T. Kits Services, refurbish reefer containers and offering new & custom made reefer container.

Depot Services
One of the main functions of a container depot is consolidation. Shippers bring their cargo to the depot to be packed and shipped, and loaded containers are unpacked and distributed. Depots also help with administrative and documentation procedures. Assist cargo owners with customs clearance. After clearance, the container is lifted using cranes for inspection and categorised as damaged or operational. The damaged containers are taken to the maintenance facility for repair, thorough cleanings and storage. The empty containers in good condition are stacked separately for reuse. Provide temporary storage facilities including reefer storage. Arrange haulage services. Some depots are also equipped to handle Out Of Gauge (OOG) goods which have extremely different dimensions from a standard container.
Reefer Services
A REEFER CONTAINER is a short form for REFRIGERATED CONTAINER. Simply put, reefer containers are big fridges that are used to transport temperature controlled cargoes such as fruits, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, dairy and also also non-food products such as flowers, pharmaceuticals and film across many miles and oceans.. Some cargoes may need to be shipped chilled or frozen or in controlled + temperatures. Reefer containers have the ability to maintain the cargo at the required temperatures for the duration of the transit.
Warranty Services
This Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the Warranty Period. During the Warranty Period, we will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. The Limited Warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.
Reefer Container or Equipment Sales
Reefer containers are bottom air delivery units designed to distribute chilled air from the floor, via specific T-shaped decking. They allow a consistent and uniform supply of air across the entire shipment and ensure a perfect air exchange with the goods. A Genset (or generator) is usually attached to a reefer and provides the container with cooling/ electricity. It is a combination of a fuel-powered and electric powered generator because it is used on both transportations overseas and on the road by a truck.
Refurbish Services
Repair and maintenance services that we provided for on site repair service and return services that cater the needs for the containers to work at a peak performance without the risk of lost of revenue. We have experienced that able to provide a cost effective alternative that tailored to your budget.
T. Kits Services
Our tools are suitable for use for all inspection criterias such as IICL, CIC, UCIRC, Seaworthy or any other Cargo-worthy criteria. We also provide technical training classes for container inspectors as well as conduct revision classes for candidates sitting for the yearly IICL examination. Our trainer had been experienced for inspecting containers in the depots.

Regular inspections and proper use, maintenance and servicing are essential to keeping reefer engine are in functional and safety to offshore. Reefer engine is necessary to do maintenance, modifications, and repairs are required to ensure customers receive safe and clean containers with efficiently functioning temperature- regulated machinery.
Benefits of Inspection


Ensuring the safe operation of electrical components

Reveal if any of your electrical circuits of equipment are overloaded

Highlight any lack of earthing or bonding

Find any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards

Identify and detective electrical work
Authentic & Quality Products and Services

We are the authorized dealer for Thermo King.
List of TK Reefer Services

We provide a wide range of reefer services as shown below
 Survey of reefer containers
 Reefer machinery repair
 Data downloading
 Supply of parts for repair
 Power-off control for high value cargo
 Swapping of reefer machinery
 Structural and mechanical repair of steel, aluminum and reefer containers
 Repair of refrigerated containers for all makes and models
 Temperature watch for active refrigerated containers
 Plug and unplug of refrigerated containers at reefer points
 Refurbishment and structural steel blasting coatings
 Pre-trip inspections


Value-added services

Our value-added services and inspections will help you maintain operational efficiencies. We offer checks for:

 Electrical components
 Refrigerator oil levels
 Freon levels
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